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A Frenchman
protecting your secrets.
Yes, seriously.

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Ben the Bodyguard

Protecting your passwords, photos, contacts
and other sensitive stuff on your iPhone® or iPod touch®

"My whole
life is
in here!"

  • People commonly keep financial information, private photos, sensitive business data, login and contact details on their iOS devices. And yet, our research shows that 9 out of 10 users have not even tried to protect their device’s data with some sort of security app.
  • Maybe it’s time to fire Lady Luck and hire Ben the Bodyguard.

Reminds without showing.

  • iCal and the iPhone’s Calendar are great, but they’re not the best place to note the appointment for a back room meeting, rendez-vous or other dark alley dealings.
  • Ben can take care of these events, and send you a discreet notification. Only you can see the content... after entering your password, of course.


  • Passwords, banking details and credit card info are easy targets for criminals. So you’d better stop hiding them in your notes or contact lists...
  • Instead, let Ben stand between your most important codes and numbers and the people who are after them.


  • Separate your everyday grocery lists from your ultimate step-by-step plan for becoming world famous.
  • Ben has the right place to keep your business plan, your recruitment shortlist, or the love letter you started writing yesterday.


  • Although not every one of your contacts is a pop star or in the witness protection program, there’s still no reason why everybody should know everybody you know.
  • Why not let Ben keep guard over a “little black book“ with all your VIPs?


  • Keeping personal, private and top-secret photos in the same place as your family portraits? Ben thinks that is a bad idea... and you know he’s right.
  • Let Ben keep your most precious snapshots in a protected album so you don’t have to be nervous about friends or coworkers having a close look at your iPhone.